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    OF Cu-Mo SULFIDE ORE J.S. LASKOWSKI*, S. CASTRO**, O. RAMOS** * NB Keevil Institute of Mining Engineering, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, [email protected] ** Department of Metallurgical Engineering, University of Concepcion, Chile Abstract: The main problem in the flotation of Cu-Mo sulfide ores in seawater is

    • Published in: Physicochemical Problems of Mineral Processing · 2014Authors: J S Laskowski · S Castro · Oliberto Sanchez RamosAffiliation: University of British Columbia · University of ConcepcionAbout: Seawater
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      Copper sulfide ore has good inherent floatability, so flotation process is a mature method used for copper sulfide ore separation. In recent years, with the continuous development of copper sulphide flotation technology, many scholars also proposed a series of new principles of mineral processing, such as collect early, loss early and more crushing

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      JME Journal of Mining & Environment, Vol.8, No.4, 2017, 523-537. DOI: 10.22044/jme.2017.848 Optimization of parameters affecting recovery of copper from Sarcheshmeh low-grade sulfide ore using Bioleaching

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      29.3.7. Overall Recovery of Cobalt from Sulfide Ores The industrial recoveries of cobalt from sulfide ores are 90 ± 5% in the concentrator, 50 ± 20% in the smelter and 95 ± 2% in the matte-to-metal refinery, which results in an overall recovery of about 40%.

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      Alkaline Sulfide Gold Leaching with Electrowinning Recovery = 93.1 % Table XVII.-Summary of Site Specific Economics for NSC Partial Oxidation of a Gold Bearing Chalcopyrite Ore NSC Chalcopyrite Ore Partial Oxidation Cost = $ 3,500,000.00 USD NSC Chalcopyrite Partial Oxidation Operating Cost = $0.056 USD/lb Cu or $ 0.36

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      This chapter describes production of Cu-rich sulfide concentrate (30% Cu) from finely ground ore. Copper sulfide ores must be concentrated before they can be

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      While chalcopyrite remains refractory to ambient temperature bioleaching, other copper sulfide ... (Cu 2 S) and covellite (CuS). Sulfide ... bioleaching if the ore ...

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      Oct 13, 2016· A process for recovering copper from copper sulfide minerals, the method comprising the steps of leaching copper sulfide minerals with an aqueous solution of ammonium chloride containing cupric chlori

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      Magmatic Sulfide-Rich Nickel-Copper Deposits ... Ni-Cu sulfide deposits ... can occur with a number of other magmatic ore deposits. These include low-sulfide, ...

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      Copper Mining and Extraction: Sulfide Ores. It's hard to imagine a world without copper. We rely on copper for power, lighting, heating, communications, water supply and transport. Copper makes our homes, schools and businesses efficient, comfortable and decorative and it lasts for many years. In this e-source, we'll look at the ways of

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      Answer to The first step in the industrial recovery of copper from the copper sulfide ore is roasting, that is, the conversion of....

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      Sulfide Ores Recovery ... flotation recovery of fine hydrophobic particles.however artificial mixtures of chalcopyritequartz and a commercial au cu sulfide ore ...


      CHLORIDEHYPOCHLORITE OXIDATION AND LEACHING OF ... direct cyanide leaching of the initial ore resulted in only 54.8% gold recovery. ... that the ore is a sulfide

      • Published in: Physicochemical Problems of Mineral Processing · 2013Authors: Mehdi Ghobeiti Hasab · Fereshteh Rashchi · Shahram RayganAffiliation: University of Tehran
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        In this work, the parameters affecting the recovery of copper from the low-grade sulfide minerals of Sarcheshmeh Copper Mine were studied. A low-grade sulfide ore was used with a copper grade of 0.25%, which was about 28% of the mineral oxide, and the sulfide minerals made up the rest. Much more sulfide minerals were found to be pyrite and

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        The above flowsheet shows a basic copper mine process, from mine to metal. There are two distinct types of copper ore, the sulfide ore and the oxide.

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        Copper extraction refers to the methods used to obtaining copper from its ores. ... For sulfide ores, both secondary ... (Cu 2 O) dissolved in the slag, ...