wear resistant natural rubber sheet roll

  • Rubber Sheets and Rolls - Canada Rubber Group Inc.

    CRGI is a preferred source of supply for many buyers who source and procure rubber sheets and rolls. From our Bowmanville facility, located in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), we maintain an extensive stock of various types of rubbers, in both sheet and roll form.

  • LEXAN MR10 Mar-Resistant Sheet - LEXAN MR-10 - Order Online

    Lexan MR10 Mar-Resistant Sheet (LEXAN MR-10) polycarbonate sheet is available through the Professional Plastics website. Price varies, compare and saveClear LEXAN MR10 sheet combines the impact strength of LEXAN with an improved MARGARD II .

  • AlumaCorr® Sheet - AlumaCorr Sheet - Order Online

    AlumaCorr® Sheet (AlumaCorr Sheet) Nudo Products available through the Professional Plastics website. Price varies, compare and saveAlumaCorr® Sheet - Aluminum composite metal sign panels permanently bonded to both sides of a high density .

  • Rubber-Cal Rubber Flooring, Sheet Rubber, Rubber Mats, and Doormats

    Rubber-Cal is America's Premier Source for Gym Flooring, Neoprene Rubber, Kitchen Mats, Anti-Slip Mats, EPDM Rubber, garage Floor Covering, Commercial Entrance Mats and moreThis October we are excited to add a fresh new product to our expanding .

  • Rubber Sheeting . Rubber Sheet . Viton . Neoprene Coruba

    Coruba offers the best value for your money so purchase your Rubber Sheeting, Viton and Silicone Sheets here for your home or workplaceRubber Matting Entrance Matting Restaurant, Bar & Kitchen Matting Economy General Purpose Safety Matting Gym .

  • Wood Grain Dakota Sheet Vinyl Flooring Roll, Commercial Vinyl Flooring Sheet

    GREATMATS CUSTOMERS ALSO VIEWED Wood Performa Full Bolt Sprung Dance SubFloor Full Panel Athletic Vinyl Padded Roll 6x30 Ft 7 mm Wood Grain Natural Vinyl Flooring Roll 6x30 Ft Portable Dance Floor Tile 1x1 Ft Rosco Adagio Full Roll Rubber .

  • Phenolic Sheet - PHENOLIC SHEET - Order Online

    Phenolic Sheet (PHENOLIC SHEET) aka Bakelite, Micarta is available through the Professional Plastics website. CE, C, Canvas, LE, L, Linen, X Paper and more. Material descriptions, data sheets and linksOVERVIEW Phenolic sheet is a hard, dense material .

  • Durable Coin, Diamond, and Ribbed Roll Out Vinyl Flooring

    Vinyl Sheets, Vinyl Floor, Bathroom Vinyl Flooring Vinyl flooring is a durable and easy to care for flooring option. Vinyl sheet flooring is naturally waterproof and resistant to mold and mildew, making it the perfect floor for any room. Vinyl sheets are available in many .

  • Acczent Heterogeneous Sheet Vinyl Flooring

    Acczent heterogeneous sheet provides more design opportunity than ever before in an easy-to-maintain vinyl flooring package. The collection has four new visuals: Twenty-five wood Six concrete Four zen Four tisse TVOC 10 μg/m3 FloorScore® certified and .


    SUPPLIERS OF RUBBER dedicated to the manufacture, importation and distribution of rubber products, natural rubber, synthetic rubber, etc., founded with the purpose of covering the rubber industry . This product is designed for use as belt wiper or conveyor .

  • Wood Grain Natural Sheet Vinyl Flooring Roll - Topseal Urethane Finish

    Wood Grain Natural Sheet Vinyl Flooring Roll with Topseal for commercial flooring applications. Add durability and style with wood grain look vinyl floorsGREATMATS CUSTOMERS ALSO VIEWED Athletic Vinyl Padded Roll 6x30 Ft 7 mm Max Tile Raised .

  • Roll Covers . Xerium

    Roll Covers Since 1886, Xerium's Stowe Woodward division has been at the forefront of fabricating rubber, polyurethane, ceramic and composite roll covers for steel rolls used in the most demanding applications of papermaking and other industries. Papermakers rely .

  • Bearing and Wear Resistant Plastic Materials - Order Online

    Bearing and wear-resistant plastics materials such as Delrin®, Nylon®, Vespel®, Meldin®, Acetron®, Torlon®, Turcite®, Rulon®, UHMW, Fluorosint ®, and Tivar® are available from Professional Plastics. Wear is often severe in bearing-type applications. Rods that .